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E O R I - Economic Operators Registration and Identification

Welcome to the EORI-application-system of the Austrian Customs Administration!
Here you have the opportunity to register as Economic Operator.

Why do you need an EORI number?
The EORI number is used to identify all economic operators within the European Union and is required for every kind of information or data exchange (especially for customs declarations) with customs authorities of the European Union.

Who has to register?
Economic Operators who have their domicile or residence in the Customs territory of the Community must register in any event. These are all persons who carry out their business activities and operations (including passive ones as well) and who come within the provisions of customs legislation (e.g. importer, exporter, declarant, authorisation holder for customs procedures etc.) Economic Operators who do not have their residence or domicile in the customs territory of the Community have to register at least when they

  • lodge a summary declaration or a customs declaration in the customs territory of the Community (except for oral declaration or customs declaration by any other act and customs declarations for temporary use);
  • lodge an exit or entry summary declaration;
  • operate a temporary storage facility;
  • apply for an authorisation as an authorised consignor for the issuance of dispatching documents T2L or as an authorised consignor for transit procedure;
  • apply for a certificate as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).
How to register?
In order to register, select your type of person below and fill out the following application form (boxes marked with * are mandatory).

Pushing the button "Send application" the application will be submitted electronically to the Austrian customs administration. At the same time the completed application form will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the application. This application form must be printed, signed and sent by postal service or fax to the customs office responsible for your residence or domicile.

Without additional signing and forwarding the printed EORI application to the competent customs office the data collected electronically will not be processed, and therefore no registration takes place. If your written application form is not submitted to your competent customs office within 30 days, your application data will be deleted.

You will be informed about the assignment of the EORI number by e-mail and in writing. Please allow a period of at least 10 days for the processing of your application. So register in time in order to avoid trouble and delays in customs clearance!

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